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  Georgia Families need to be empowered to aid and equip their students to become an economic success in the future. Education is a vital element in this challenge, and the Georgia school system is currently failing Georgia’s students, as evidenced by the deplorable national rankings of student academic success. Georgia schools serve best when teachers are empowered to teach in the classroom, when students have an achievable agenda for mastering the basics, and when parents are given the tools they need to help their students succeed. These elements translate into the future economic success of our Georgia students. 

Mosteller’s Strategy for Success

 Currently, Georgia students rank at the bottom nationally for academic ability. This is more symptomatic of poor leadership, where those at the helm are failing our Georgia families and their students. Sam Mosteller’s commitment to Georgia families and their students, means that he is interested in an “All Hands on Deck” approach to reshaping and reclaiming the educational experience for our children. 

Mosteller’s Empowerment approach and outreach sets him apart. He recognizes the capability of teachers in the classroom, and their need for support and the freedom to teach their students in an effective way that brings satisfaction and joy back to teaching, and achievement and success to students. 

Sam has streamlined his platform for his first term as Georgia School Superintendent to hit the most serious areas of crisis, as he brings Georgia’s families and their students into a position of empowerment and success that ensures students are well equipped for future economic success. 

§ Tailor students’ educational trajectory to their future.

§ Bring back recess and physical fitness recognition.

§ Unite Title I students with Title I teachers.

§ Improve student:teacher ratios.

§ Improve resources for parents to help their stude

§ Raise the bar in student nutrition.
§ Bring back the joy and fulfillment of teaching through teacher empowerment.
§ Bring back the focus and emphasis on the three “Rs” : Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic. 
§ Remove the crippling effect of Federal, State & Local mandates.
§ Create remediation for students not performing at grade level.
§ Make education relevant to the life and future of our students. 
§ Improve workplace satisfaction and joy for our teachers.

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